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coming soon!

An exciting gig with fresh grooves and harmonic innovations. For over 40 years Geoff's performed in New Zealand and internationally, a master of the trumpet and one of the most prolific and cutting edge jazz musicians currently on the New Zealand scene. He plays for TV shows, film sessions, and personal club dates. His festival performances are legendary with a variety of talented side-men and combos offering many different directions in sound. His playing has a hallmark of distinction - soulful, passionate and refreshing.

For this Gig the group will open up to a five piece using two keyboards with some unusual smooth grooves and synth pads.

  • Peter Blake ( Keys) is home from France and Indonesia where he has been playing up a storm.
  • Nick van Dijk trom/keys - provides the other horn evolving into some European / Latin grooves.
  • Mitch Watson will featuring on six string & d-basses.
  • Des Mellon. Drums on electric and acoustic kits.
  • Geoff Culverwell. Playing flute, vocal, trumpets will add cohesion and direction.