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Jazz Classes

These classes have been popular around New Zealand and have been attended by non-reading musicians, vocalists, drummers, classical musicians, teachers and graduates wanting to get back to learning basics again. ALL concluded that they had gained a lot out of it and for most it has been a fun and uplifting experience.

Brass Clinic Topics:

  • Intonation
  • Centering and projection
  • Sound and texture
  • Practice regimes
  • Building high chops
  • Breathing
  • Methods of Jazz articulation
  • Articulation and annunciation
  • Developing good time
  • Recording
  • Playing different styles
  • Artistic expression
  • Learning to play fast
  • Learning to play slow
  • Reading
  • Learning chords and scales
  • Jazz improvisation
  • Tooling up (choosing the right gear for the job)

Jazz Improvisation Clinic:

The point of these classes is to begin to understand the sounds and function of chords and scales as used in the art of improvisation.

Over two sessions you will be taken step by step through a method of learning that will start you on the road to mastering the art of jazz harmony and playing or scattsinging logically and melodically through chord changes, starting with some very basic rules.


  • Take the guesswork out of jamming.
  • Give you the essence of very basic jazz theory.
  • Show the difference between major, minor, dominant 7th, half diminished and diminished chord and scale sounds.

  • Ways to teach yourself relative pitch
  • Why we need to sing and play scales
  • What a blues is
  • What 2,5,1, progression is
  • What modal means
  • What a turn around is
  • The difference between swing and straight 1/8ths
  • What "form" means and how to use and develop the "form" of the tune you are learning (verse verse chorus verse or AABA etc.)
  • The basic rules for the development of melody against chord (what tunes are made from)
  • How and why to start using digital patterns (and what they are)
  • A teachable method of passing the above knowledge on

The knowledge of all the above takes years to perfect. There are no short-cuts. Most top jazz players practice over an advanced version daily, but if you gain the correct information with a proven method of learning, progress will be a lot easier than guesswork. Build your steps "one brick at a time". Not only can you learn but you will be able to teach this very rewarding expressive art form using this method.

Questions and discussion are welcome. For more information contact Geoff.

Geoff Culverwell Jazz Soloist

PHONE: 021 446 374

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